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The splendor of marble meets the most advanced technology to give voice to artistic genius: a trio of inlaid slabs of Calacatta Borghini and Pietra Fossena combined with glass and integrated with an illuminated panel, decorated with natural allure.
A majestic jaguar unquestionably dominates the scene and charges the room with marvelous mystery and inspiration.
Not just a magnificent decoration, but also a light source to create a warm, luxurious atmosphere.

Zebra Wall art: a spectacular triptych where design is paired with exotic and luxurious materials. It is suitable for creating a decor for luxury residences, hotels and retail.

It is a wonderful piece of contemporary art that is part of the new Sauvage Collection. Sauvage The collection is now a recurring element within Elite Stone, and has become a main focal point of many of our new realizations.

An original treatment of book-matched Calacatta Borghini marble in which creativity exceeds the limits of the stone.
A extraordinary result that follows the lines drawn by nature with the veining.
The slabs are reconstructed and joined at staggered levels, intentionally recreating a 3D sculpture that comes to life in the harmonious movement of ethereal lights.
Originality is the distinctive feature of Marble Puzzle, with a high possibility of customization in a playful mood with a material that outdoes its very essence.

This wall art sculpture realized in limestone rapresent natural forest scene with particular details suitable for interior design and Hospitality.

Different measures on request

Jaqueline modern mirror realized with beautiful Onyx with metal frame finishing bronze delabrè and led panel high quality and technology.

You can create an elegant atmosphere for Private Residence, Hospitality and Retail.

On request different materials and measures.

Backlit Triptyque realized in Blue Onyx and Red with metal frame finishing bronze suitable for contemporary design.

Beautiful Onyx combined with backlit panels create unique elegant design.

On request materials and measures.

Natural stones from exquisite Italian Marbles to wondrous Limestones have been used for centuries to create masterful pieces of art. From The Statue of David created by Michelangelo to the Great Sphinx of Giza these masterpieces will stand the test of time for many more years to come.

We at Elite Stone Gallery invite you to work with our in house design team and our Italian Artisans to create a masterful piece of art using our extensive range of materials, just for you.

Come and view some of the items we have on display in our showroom.

Elegant jardinière suitable in any entrance, living or dining area. Can be used alone or pair.

They create elegant space and can be design element or for ornamenting plants.

Realized on request with different materials and measures.