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White Onyx bathtub: one of the most prestigious pure materials to furnish a bathroom with a monolith bathtub where magnificient and elegance create uniqueness and timeless.

A strong identity for a bathtub protagonist of the bathroom environment that occupies the center of the scene and fits perfectly between the other elements of the room.

Coral Black Bathtub onyx bathtub becomes the protagonist of unique and exclusive bathroom environments. Their strong aesthetic impact allows you to create elegant spaces, within which a few essential elements are sufficient to define the style and the high class of design. 

A solid block of splendid Grey Bubble onyx becomes a magnificent bathtub exalting fine craftsmanship.
The perfectly smooth surface is attractive and pleasing to the touch for a chic, ethereal furnishing element.
It is an exclusive, customizable piece that dominates the bathroom and renders it unique: this is truly a new language in which to express design.

Bathtub made of hand-carved Riverstone stone. A strong identity for a protagonist of the bathroom environment that occupies the center of the scene as it is designed to be experienced at 360 °. It fits perfectly in private residences, SPA and hospitality.

It maintains the natural and wild aspect on the outside in contrast with the shiny and comfortable part on the inside. Unique pieces as they are partly handmade.