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Losing your way on an exciting voyage: that is what it feels like to enter the new Coral Black living area designed by Elite Stone, the crowning gem of the first Elite Stone Gallery collection.
You are drawn toward the warm, beating heart of the home, a versatile and very luxurious room which represents a sophisticated balance of technology, materials, design and love for the tailor-made luxuries of good living.

Thanks to Coral Black, the living area of the most luxurious homes in the most beautiful parts of the world can become a bar-living area or a reception area featuring a high-impact kitchen center.
The pocket doors, which can be fully opened and slide out of sight, reveal a wall with unique finishing: the structure is marine plywood lined on the inside with a maple veneer and upholstered on the outside in top grade washable leather with hand-stitched details, handles in glossy black nickel-plated steel and integrated lighting that switches on automatically to floodlight the entire wall, complete with Miele appliances.

It’s not a kitchen, but an area where hosts can coddle their guests in a setting that is both elegant and unique.
At the center, an impressive wine cellar with double pocket doors for a sophisticated, modern lounge bar right in your home.
The contemporary, sophisticated luxury that fills the ultra-chic environment is concretely realized in the island with its illuminated sliding-top in Coral Black that opens onto a practical granite counter with Absolute Black leather finish, featuring the Gessi extractable integrated sink and Miele induction hob of the latest generation.
The island, which can be opened from all sides, includes various removable containers and drawers and is complete with a dishwasher with the smart knock-to-open Miele functionality.


A real revolution is the one that invests in the Elite Stone kitchen and living area: innovative spaces that are not separated, but create a unique environment and in perfect harmony. The kitchen enters more and more into the living, not only being a place dedicated to preparing food, but becoming the cradle of conviviality, where to welcome its guests. ‘Bond’ Calacatta Borghini Living area, produced in marine multi-layered wood with a maple coating and the mesmerising backlit E-Light panels lighting up the living. The exterior is entirely covered in washable quality leather, with hand stitching and steel handle inserts. Very high performances are ensured by the technological choices for a comfortable and almost suspended smoothness. A sophisticated contemporary that explodes in an ultra-chic space and takes shape on the island with a sliding-top illuminated that opens up a worktop with integrated sink. The island, which can be opened from all sides, includes several extractable cupboards and internal drawers and is complete with appliances with a smart ‘knock-to-open’opening functionality. At the center, an evocative winery space with a double door that can be opened fully to create a precious and modern lounge bar inside the house.

Fossena Bar Cube by Elite Stone refined Habitat for Living, Reception and Bar. Defined by a various selction of materials, finishing, colors. The modular Bar Cube is adaptable in small and large space.

Realized in Pietra Fossena and many other materials on bespoke requests. 

Cucina di lusso apribile con top a scomparsa e porte a tasca.
Materials: Portoro Platinum – Marmo
Materials: Acero

Vanilla White Onyx Extra
Materials: Vanilla White Onyx Extra