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Backlit Triptyque realized in Blue Onyx and Red with metal frame finishing bronze suitable for contemporary design.

Beautiful Onyx combined with backlit panels create unique elegant design.

On request materials and measures.

Natural stones from exquisite Italian Marbles to wondrous Limestones have been used for centuries to create masterful pieces of art. From The Statue of David created by Michelangelo to the Great Sphinx of Giza these masterpieces will stand the test of time for many more years to come.

We at Elite Stone Gallery invite you to work with our in house design team and our Italian Artisans to create a masterful piece of art using our extensive range of materials, just for you.

Come and view some of the items we have on display in our showroom.

Elegant jardinière suitable in any entrance, living or dining area. Can be used alone or pair.

They create elegant space and can be design element or for ornamenting plants.

Realized on request with different materials and measures.

White Onyx Bathroom, seduces with its natural beauty and is used for an effect space with a contemporary and timeless charm.
The Console in White Onyx becomes the undiscuss element with style that gives elegance and personality to the bathroom where true luxury consists in the use of excellent raw materials and in the deep knowledge of their processing.

Countertop washbasin in carved onyx split, masterpiece to insert in bathrooms or SPA to give a touch of class and modernity 

Excavated countertop washbasin realized with onyx or other materials on request, a masterpiece of furniture that characterizes a bathroom with a strong personality and elegance 

Excavated washbasin made of Calacatta Borghini ideal for an elegant and contemporary bathroom, element that characterizes and embellishes the environment and creates its uniqueness.

On request in other materials and sizes 

Monolith washbasin that characterizes and makes the bathroom important, realized in Calacatta Borghini and any materials on request 

Countertop washbasin in cut onyx, piece of furniture for bathroom or SPA that characterizes the location giving it a touch of elegance and naturalness