ES Atelier

Elite Stone opens a new exclusive showroom: here is the story of the ultra-luxury brand

Elite Stone, prestigious Italian company, leader in the luxury marble sector, adds an important new structure to its business story: the ES Atelier, exclusive showroom closely linked to the world of art, design and material, for a cosmopolitan, stylish interpretation of the needs of a demanding clientele through high profile professional service.

The new showroom occupies a vast area - 300 on two levels, in a perfect balance between the excellence of natural materials, the sophistication of elite projects and luxurious design made to measure to decorate the most beautiful homes in the world. All this is ES Atelier, the splendid addition to the existing 2000 premises where visitors can admire the slabs of marble in all their purity, discovering their uniqueness and selecting those they want for their own. 

ES Atelier presents an original way of promoting and displaying a material of unmistakable allure, a new approach to the beauty of marble, a product designed by nature to adapt perfectly to human creativity. This elegant design gallery also reveals partnerships with brands of excellence, furnishing the living area, the bedroom and the bathroom with breathtaking ideas. A strong heritage of taste and culture has also led to the design of the E-Light System, an innovative patented system that is previewed in the showroom. It is an unprecedented Italian product, the outcome of research that required over ten years to complete and that is realized in the form of panels made from thin sheets of marble and onyx layered on LED lights embedded in transparent glass. Kitchens, cabinet doors, room dividers and front doors are exalted by the harmony of backlit-lightened marble, creating a delicate, embracing atmosphere rich in inspiration. Lovers of luxury will feel an immediate need to incorporate these structures in their homes for the drama and elegance they express.

“Our projects made to measure transform light into a decorative idea with elegance and style” says Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone. “Our passion for exclusive Made in Italy design leads us to develop luxurious furnishings with interesting synergisms between nature and design. We offer our international clientele the best in terms not only of quality of the raw material, but also of qualified and complete services, from the design to the selection of the marble and the fine craftsmanship that combines tradition and technology, all the way to the final commissioning of the elements, their assembly and installation. We furnish the most luxurious, most admired homes with the inimitable charm of our unique concept”.

ES Atelier is located in the heart of the Verona hills, at S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella, ready to surprise architects, interior designers and private clients who want to stand out in the Elite Stone world, because they perceive all the intangible value that an ultra-luxury brand represents in a space in which the material is the focus of all eyes.