“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.Audrey Hepburn

“Style is primarily a matter of instinct”. Bill Blass

“Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion and surprise”. Valentino

A top-scoring graduate in Geology in Rome and a talented expert on marble, onyx and quartzites, Tetyana Kovalenko’s passion for ornamental stone burgeoned during the design course, and she has become a benchmark figure for many Russian companies, earning a solid reputation as a consultant for the choice of the finest types of marble, which she selects personally from the top Italian quarries with high-prestige projects in mind. “True luxury is all about outstanding raw materials and an in-depth knowledge of how to work with them. Marble is like a diamond: absolutely perfect when the colour is right, when it is flawless and cut properly. When one of these features is missing, it immediately loses value”, explains Tetyana.

2000: the foundation of Elite Stone by Tetyana Kovalenko
The cosmopolitan inspiration and bespoke creativity of Tetyana Kovalenko give rise to the ultra-luxurious masterworks of Elite Stone, a prestigious Italian company founded in 2000 in Rome. What elevates Elite Stone above the rest in the marble sector is a profound knowledge of all aspects of marble: from its physical and chemical characteristics and natural issues to the top-of-the-range processing techniques, combined with a passion for design and the latest fashion trends.

2007: a vocation for bespoke luxury and excellence
In 2007, Elite Stone moved to Carrara, the cradle of Italian marble quarrying excellence. Here, the firm was able to consolidate its knowledge of the stone and relations with the most renowned quarries and the most skilled master craftsmen in the marble sector, thus becoming a style icon thanks to the painstaking selection of materials and innovative processing techniques able to yield unique, top-quality results. 

2013: furnishing masterworks crafted from natural stone
In 2013, the business moved to Verona, an interesting city for the stone sector, and above all for the opportunities it offers to engage with architects, interior designers and private customers, offering them the opportunity to personally select the marble slabs best suited to their bespoke projects, in an incredibly striking 50,000-square-metre exhibition space in the heart of the Valpolicella area, where they can examine the luxury materials. It is here in the Verona area that the in-depth knowledge and close links with the Carrara quarries have truly blossomed and borne fruit, allowing Elite Stone to offer the largest selection of 100% Italian white marble.
The luxury collection of white and coloured marble, all brought together here in one place, immediately attracted the attention of sophisticated customers and cutting-edge design studios from all over the world. The sublime quality of the luxury marble creations has become the hallmark of the company founded by Tetyana Kovalenko.

2015: sophisticated, inimitable luxury design
In 2015, the company created an area dedicated to bespoke projects, with a view to offering customers an impeccable service, in which the real luxury lies in the high-profile assistance guaranteed by the workshop’s team of professionals. The customer devises and supplies the concept, which is then engineered and developed, from the cutting of the top-quality material to the installation of the work at its destination, reflecting the outstanding Italian craftsmanship Elite stone is renowned for. An in-house team of engineers, technicians and architects with expert knowledge of marble is at the customer’s disposal to respond to a full range of needs and develop a one-off project. Fundamental importance is placed on the scientific approach, and a great deal of time is spent on getting to know the customer’s tastes and finding out exactly what they want, so that Elite Stone can offer surprising, made-to-measure solutions, a must for anyone who loves luxury and aspires to perfection.

2016: ES Atelier, as sound and solid as marble 
2016 saw the opening of ES Atelier, the impressive 300-square-metre showroom in Verona, which illustrates the sublime balance between outstanding natural materials, marvellous made-to-measure projects and high technology, able to create a luxury style designed to adorn the world’s most beautiful homes. In the same year, Elite Stone created a range of furnishing accessories, perfect for delightful, luxury settings, featuring a high-tech system that brings an alluring touch of light to the stone. Elite Stone will soon be inaugurating the Elite Stone Gallery in London, a showcase for luxury, designer items crafted in stone from all over the world.     2017: ES Gallery, a new luxury showroom in the heart of London
A showcase of luxury design: Elite Stone and Calacatta Borghini quarry have opened the exclusive London showroom, Es Gallery,at Margaret Street 74, Fitzrovia. An unprecedented project that combines a luxury design and design company with a marble quarry,creating an unforgettable location where Marble invents a new language to talk about elegance and an ultra-chic living. 

The world of Elite Stone is exclusive, unique, a sort of magic circle, offering an amazing variety of extraordinary stone slabs. These fabulous unique pieces are displayed in a single 50,000-square-metre exhibition space in Verona.
Elite Stone is founded on an intuition: the importance of offering demanding, prestigious customers a series of marble materials selected for their perfect colour, flawless appearance and impeccable cut, just like diamonds. This exclusive luxury brand was created by Tetyana Kovalenko, thanks to her in-depth knowledge of ornamental stone and her passion and skill, as well as her expertise demonstrated by a first-class degree obtained in Rome. Elite Stone is more than just a business; it’s an exclusive, unique, unforgettable experience, a sophisticated option for bringing a highly distinctive style touch to prestigious homes all over the world, including the monumental Mezhyhirya Residence of former Ukrainian Victor Vanukovych, the summer residence of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the fabulous luxury private villas of Barvikha.
Among the prestigious projects Elite Stone has created are the stunning Mariinskiy Theatre in Saint Petersburg, the exclusive Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel, the famous 50 St. James in London and the huge Pianeta shopping mall in Novosibirsk. These are just a few of the extraordinary projects by Tetyana Kovalenko, who personally selects the marble slabs from those produced by the top Italian quarries.